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Baksana! Live music and belly dance in Portland, Oregon.

Baksana! Live music and belly dance in Portland, Oregon.

Baksana is a fun, high-energy Belly Dance Busking group of performers in Portland who are inspired by Middle Eastern, Balkan, Turkish, Romani, and western music and dance. Co-directed by Paul Evans and Danielle Elizabeth; all the music is live and all of the material is original. The dance is a fusion of many cultures, researched and loved by the performers. Initialy conceived as a busking performance group… Baksana is loud, strong, and adaptable to many scenarios. You’ll find them at markets and fairs, weddings, theater shows, and parties of all sorts!

Dancers in Photograph: Top right-left – Morgan Fay, Makeda Perryman, Tabra Bay, Janelle Jackson, Brittany Welch, Danielle Elizabeth.

Musicians in Photograph: Top right-left – Bobak Salehi, Mark Vehrencamp, Doug Shafer, Charles Pike, Paul Evans. Other band members include: Jason Ramirez, Leon Cotter, Kristnh Ramirez, Jonathan Roberts, Caroline Shapparo, and many collaborators.

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