PaulAlone (aka Paul Evans) is an experienced multi-instrumentalist specializing in improvised music. His main backgrounds are from American Jazz, Classical, an eclectic mix of international styles as well as "just everyday sound." A writer as well, Paul breaths poetry into whatever instrument he touches. Paul has studied at CalState Long Beach and Arizona State University where he majored in classical oboe and saxophone performance, as well as studying flute, percussion and music composition. In Arizona he worked as a staff composer and accompanist for ASU's dance department and professional theaters companies. Currently he works for the Lewis and Clark dance department accompanying classes.  He delights in collaboration, albeit this page is devoted to his solo work, and some of those associations are Vagabond Opera & Hungry Opera Machine, AnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady, Wanderlust Circus Orchestra, Klezmocracy, Three for Silver, Baksana, The Cedar Project, and many more.


Here however, we enjoy his personal musings… musical meditations… manifesting as one. 


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